Hey Chris Paul, This Is What New York Is All About.

Just waiting for when CP3 tells the world he’s coming to New York. After that performance last night, why wouldn’t Chris Paul want to be part of this? He’s currently on a quality team in New Orleans and the Knicks just manhandled them by 19. This is what we do. Even though the Knicks are only 3-2 since the big trade, this team has some championship qualities. If Paul joins the Knicks after next season, not only will we have perhaps the best point guard in the game (yea I know Rondo is good), but we would improve immensely on defense. The only reason why the Knicks won’t go too far in the playoffs this season is because of their awful defense. Chris Paul can stop anyone in the league who runs the point.

But for now, let’s focus on Billups controlling the ball. Hopefully this bruised thigh won’t be that big of a deal. Great job by Toney Douglas coming through at the point last night. I also talked with sammywestside last night about the importance of Shawne Williams for the rest of the season. If he continues to hit dagger three pointers into the playoffs, he could be a huge game changer. With Amare and Carmelo controlling the ball, Williams will get a lot of open looks behind the arc.

Knicks take on the impossible-to-beat Cavaliers at home tomorrow night at the Garden.

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