Biggest NFL Draft Bust of All-Time?

(Fox Sports) The New York Jets are parting ways with Vernon Gholston — the disappointing sixth overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft — in an offseason purge that will include the releases of outside linebacker Jason Taylor, right tackle Damien Woody and nose tackle Kris Jenkins, the New York Post reported Monday. The four moves will save the Jets between $20 million and $24 million on their salary cap, money they will need with receivers Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards, special teams ace Brad Smith and cornerback Antonio Cromartie all set to become free agents pending the lockout looming Friday.

Just another reason why I don’t understand why people are so invested in the NFL combine. I have never been a fan of the combine. I don’t think it’s a system that scouts should go by for the draft. The only thing the combine shows us is how athletic these players are. Pure athleticism should be a given in the NFL. So what if someone runs a 4.31 instead of a 4.28? Not gonna matter that much in the NFL. I would take a guy with better instincts than a slightly better 40-time. Take Vernon Gholston for example. The dude was one of the greatest players ever to come out of the combine, but the guy had no football IQ. In his three seasons in the NFL, he didn’t have a sack, forced fumble, or a fumble recovery. Wow! Plus, he would’ve received $9 million from the Jets if he got one of any of those stats. He was THAT bad! Now let’s take Tom Brady. How was he in the NFL Combine? (Go to the 1:29 mark in the video below)

Exactly. Combine doesn’t mean anything when it comes to your ability to play in the NFL. Now with Gholston becoming an official bust, (not trying to pick on Jets fans – the GMen have had plenty of awful draft picks in the past), let’s vote on who was the biggest draft bust of all-time.

One Response to “Biggest NFL Draft Bust of All-Time?”

  1. John Mc Says:

    Leaf hands down

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