Game of the Century.

Couldn’t be more proud to be a Knicks fan tonight. When the Knicks traded for Carmelo, this is the performance I knew they were going to be capable of. In the first quarter, Miami steamrolled through this raw team. But with three minutes to go in the half, the Knicks shifted the momentum of the game and quite possibly the season. Now of course I have to give kudos to Carmelo and Amare for their outstanding play. If it wasn’t for Carmelo’s strong first quarter, the game would’ve been out of hand by halftime. Stoudemire gave us another great game with another double-double.¬† His dunk in the first quarter made a statement that the Knicks are here to battle. And who can forget the block on LeBron with 12 seconds to go? Definitely the play of the game.

But let’s talk about my man Chauncey Billups. Even though I thought highly of the guy, I had no idea he was going to be this much of a factor. His two steals in the final minute (against LeBron and Wade nonetheless) silenced the American Airlines Arena (with the exception of Spike and his crew). Then down by two with under a minute to go, he drains a pull-up three to take the lead. Felton was my boy, but I don’t remember any time he had this type of performance.

Since when do the Knicks play defense? Definitely wasn’t expecting the Knicks to hold the Heat to 86 points. They practically beat them at their own game. The rebounding was still a little suspect, but luckily that this isn’t the Heat’s strong point either. I feel that the Knicks match up a lot better with Miami than a lot of other teams in the conference. Even though the Knicks played great tonight, I still feel they will struggle against Chicago. Boozer and Jo have the ability to dominate the boards against Turiaf or any other big man. The Knicks are making some great strides, but still must improve the front court if they want to go deep into April and May. The Knickerbockers head to Orlando to take on the Magic Tuesday night.


Rivalry Renewed?

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  1. Great game but “game of the century”…. give me a fucking break

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