#4: NFL Blitz

The most exciting game of all-time.  If you’ve never played Blitz, you haven’t experienced the highest level of football intensity. And I’m not talking about “Blitz 2001” or any of those newer games. I’m talking about the original 1998 version for N64. Not only is every football game action-packed with some of the most outrageous hits you’ll ever see, each game only takes ten minutes. Imagine scoring 50 points in ten minutes – pretty intense.

As a Cowboys hater in the late 90’s, there wasn’t a better feeling than having Jesse Armstead paralyze Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin on every play. Even though the Giants were pretty mediocre in the game, they were fun to play with. With Danny Kannell as quarterback and Charles Way in the backfield, the Giants offense sucked miserably. When Chris Calloway is your best player, there’s major problems. But the GMen defense was deadly – Michael Strahan, Jason Sehorn, Jesse Armstead, Tito Wooten, Phillippi Sparks, and Shaun Williams. Wow.

By far, the best team in the game was the Denver Broncos. Given they won two Super Bowls during the time this game was made, the Broncos were unstoppable. With Elway as QB, Davis as runningback, and Shannon Sharpe as the key receiver, this offense couldn’t be stopped. Plus with Bill Romanowski and Steve Atwater (aka “The Smiling Assassin) on defense, you couldn’t score against them either. Only time I ever lost with the Broncos was against sammywestside back in ’99. I’ll never forget that Blitz classic between Denver and Jacksonville. Fred Taylor and Jimmy Smith played the best games of their careers.

Down to the top 3.

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