Wow. This Team is Good.

Where do I begin? First, we all expected a great game from Carmelo, so it was a given for him to drop 27. But how about my man Chauncey Billups! I hope all the critics of the guy watched this game. You think he still has some left in the tank? Not only did I love his 21 points and 8 assists, I was very impressed with his defense. For some reason, I completely forgot how much Billups is defensively-oriented. Dropping 12-12 from the foul line wasn’t too shabby either. Let’s not forget the big surprise of the night, Toney Douglas. With 23 points and some clutch threes, Toney stole the show. Having two effective point guards will be crucial down the stretch heading into the postseason.

Welcome Home

Now to the not-so-great parts of the game. This game showed why Mozgov will be missed. The Knicks were killed on the boards. (Andrew Bogut is pretty good under the basket) You know I love Turiaf, but without a good rebounding center, this team will get massacred come postseason. It doesn’t matter when we play a team like Bucks, but it will against teams like Chicago, Miami, and Boston. Boozer and Noah will kill the Knicks single-handedly in the first round if they don’t start rebounding.

During the game, I felt a little nostalgic. Gallo, Chandler and Felton were my boys. I know the Knicks are better off now, but this is a completely different team. It was definitely weird seeing Billups bring up the ball and seeing Carmelo take over Gallinari’s role. But hey, it’s all business. It’s a new Knicks team now and it’s for the better. The Knicks battle Cleveland on the road Friday night. Laugh all you want about the Cavaliers, but they won the last time the Knicks were there. Definitely a must-win game before the Game of the Year Sunday night.

5 Responses to “Wow. This Team is Good.”

  1. sammywestside Says:

    While I’ve stepped away from the ledge regarding the trade, don’t you think “Wow. This team is good.” might be a bit over the top?

    Billups, Amare and Melo will be a force, but I think you began to touch on the fact we will get killed on the boards every night.

    Also, it was a great game by Toney but we can’t expect for him to go off like that every night.

    It’s always great to win, especially right off the bat with the new crew, but we barely beat a pretty bad team at home. Lets not get too excited.

    We got some bigger games coming up where we’ll see what we’re made of.

  2. sammywestside Says:

    goosepumps from the video…awesome

  3. I seriously believe the team is THIS good. But they’re gonna need their big men to step. I was actually surprised with Carmelo’s ability to crash the boards tonight. The best test for the Knicks will be Sunday night. It will be interesting to see how the stars will match up (only mis-match will be putting fields on wade)

    I know I believe this team is great, but in all reality, we won’t know if they actually are until they play some of the big guns in the conference.

  4. Well y’all have a better chance at taking down the celtics now.. No Perk to rule the center while Amare and Melo can score in the paint…

    Knicks= big winners at the trade deadline
    Celtics= big losers

  5. no chance the knicks are beating the celtics. last night showed why the knicks will not beat the bulls come the playoffs. if you get out rebounded against the cavs by 20, there are some serious problems. garnett and big baby will dominate the boards against this depleted front court

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