Shout Out of the Week

Jason Sehorn. Growing up, Sehorn was one of my two Giants heroes (Jesse Armstead the other). He was the leader of the GMen defense in the late 90’s and was one of the best defensive backs in the league during his time. Who can’t forget the incredible 2000 Giants playoffs run without bringing up Sehorn’s incredible interception against the Eagles in the Divisonal Round?

Last night, at the Charlotte Airport I had the opportunity to meet Sehorn near the baggage claim. Not everyday you meet your childhood hero. What an outstanding guy! I got to talk with him for ten minutes about his days as a Giant and that fantastic interception in 2000. Sehorn, who lives in the Charlotte area, also seems to be living the life as a retired player. (He just got back from a weekend golf trip). So for this week, let’s give a shout out to the greatest Giants cornerback of all-time, Jason Sehorn.

2 Responses to “Shout Out of the Week”

  1. Mike Murray Says:

    If I were married to Angie Harmon…I wouldn’t even take weekends off for golf.

  2. […] best player, there’s major problems. But the GMen defense was deadly – Michael Strahan, Jason Sehorn, Jesse Armstead, Tito Wooten, Phillippi Sparks, and Shaun Williams. […]

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