#6: NCAA Football 2004

No football game can compare to the greatness of NCAA Football 2004, and that’s including the Madden series. You guys probably disagree on this one because everyone claims that NCAA Football 2011 is the best. Don’t get me wrong, I love this year’s edition, but it’s missing a huge factor – Division I-AA teams. NCAA Football 2004 allowed us to use teams such as Columbia, Harvard, Appalachian State, Richmond, and many more. Plus, the Division I-AA stadium were exact. Columbia’s home stadium, Bakers Field, looks completely realistic.

Ohio State Runningback Maurice Clarrett was the Highest Rated Player in the Game

This game was addicting. The football games itself were at a more faster pace than usual, which gave the user more excitement. You could feel the energy of the stadium. Plus, the graphics were just realistic enough to make it a great game. I still have my Notre Dame dynasty saved to this day. While playing under head coach Tyrone Willingham, I lead the Irish to back-to-back National Titles. Carlyle Holiday won the Heisman trophy while Justin Tuck lead the nation in sacks. No big deal. If you’ve never played this great game, you’re missing out big time. An amazing game for any college football fanatic.

One Response to “#6: NCAA Football 2004”

  1. could not agree more, after all these years, it’s my favorite…just beat Louisville with SMU – greatness score of 1360 – final score 38-31 with Louisville on the 1yd line, inc pass on the last play.

    Having a blast playing this great game again after being let down by the latest Madden and EA sports college football game. A great game is more than just graphics, it’s game play. Am going to buy some more copies of this, they are as low as $1 to $3 bucks…

    It’s the best football game ever made.

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