#8: NBA Live 2003

This was the last basketball game I enjoyed playing. Back in 8th grade, I was given a Nintendo Gamecube for Christmas and my first game was NBA Live 2003. For a solid year and a half, this one of the only games I played. Similar to Madden 2001, this game was very easy to operate. It didn’t have the greatest graphics, but it was an upgrade from the N64 sports games. Nothing was better than bringing the ball up the top of key, performing a killer cross-move, then slamming it down. For the Knicks, no one was better at this move than Latrell Sprewell. Plus, this was one of the only games to have Michael Jordan…on the Wizards. (yea I know he’s featured in this year’s NBA game). Another great feature to this game was the one-on-one streetball. Even better, the user can chose to play at real public courts such as Rucker Park in Harlem, NY.

Also, the user can use a ton of former NBA players. These players include Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wes Unseld, Bob Petit, Walt Frazier, Tiny Archibald, Jerry West and many more. The create-a-player mode was the most realistic as ever before. A couple of years later, I bought NBA Live 2005, but it wasn’t the same. There was no streetball, no former players, and the controls were much harder. So if you guys want to play a quality NBA game, you have to go with NBA Live 2003. Trust me on this one. I’m pretty sure you can buy for $3 online.

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