Introducing The Sports Movies Countdowns

Over the next few months I’ll be going through a series of classic sports movies from all different sports. I’m admittedly a bigger Baseball, Basketball and Football fan than anything else, so this countdown might show some biases towards those sports, as well as some movies that aren’t necessarily motion picture masterpieces.

An important aspect of review to remember about this countdown is what I consider a great sports movie. Sometimes the movie might include characters that are bad, but I ask how the movie captures the essence of the game. Its hard to describe as a whole what I like about sports movies, but as the countdowns go on I think I’ll be able to explain what I like about each of them.

Today I will start with Baseball. I will countdown some of the top Baseball movies of all time in my opinion.

First, I’d like to recognize some great Baseball movies that just missed my countdown.

Eight Men Out- A great film that I’m sure I’ll get flack for being ranked below many of the films on my list

Bad News Bears– The original of course

Pride of the Yankees– A great film capturing the story of Lou Gehrig and his battle with ALS

The Fan– A lesser known movie with Robert DeNiro

One Response to “Introducing The Sports Movies Countdowns”

  1. No 8 Men Out??? That’s a top five in my book!

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