Movies Countdown-#12-Rookie of the Year

Yes, I know I’ll get some flack for this one, but its a classic movie. When the most famous person in a lead role is Gary Busey, that’s usually a problem. This film is filled with no one famous, but it captures every kids attention. What a dream to be able to pitch in the Majors at such a young age. The plot is certainly a stretch and the acting is well, not good, but this film captures Baseball.

What sticks out to me is the portrayal of Henry’s first days of playing in the Majors. As a kid we are all overwhelmed by the Big League Baseball when you’re a big fan. Just showing up to a large stadium as a kid can be an electrifying experience. To be able to go into a clubhouse, the dugout, interact with the players and get to go onto the field is a complete fantasy of every kid coming true. It portrays the dream of every kid who one day hopes to play in the Majors, and adds in the clash of still being a kid and the effect it can have on your life.

Don’t forget John Candy making his cameo as the Cubs announcer, and some Major League players like Barry Bonds (who looked about half his current weight in 1994).

I’m not here to argue this is a motion picture classic, but Rookie of the Year is a little kids fantasy of playing in the Majors coming true in a unique story.

One Response to “Movies Countdown-#12-Rookie of the Year”

  1. Capri Cavalli Says:

    The only downside is he didn’t get any big league cat

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