Here’s one of only two college baseball games to have ever hit the market. (The other college baseball game was MVP 07: NCAA Baseball for Playstation 2, which I didn’t own.) Personally, MVP 06 was fun to play because it came out my junior year of high school, a time when I was into college baseball. Not every Division I baseball program was included but one could still choose any team from the major conferences in the country. Plus, 20 real college parks were featured. Unlike the MVP Baseball games of the past, this game consisted of the “load and fire” batting tool. This allowed a player to move the joystick to load a swing, instead of the classic style of just hitting a button to swing. With this feature, one could chose if they wanted to “power” swing or just hit for contact.

The "Load and Fire" Swing Made This Baseball Game More Realistic Than Ever Before

The pitching aspect of the game was fantastic as well. Unlike the old baseball games where you would have no choice but use the catcher’s view, NCAA Baseball allowed you to choose the view behind the mound. This would give the viewer a more virtual experience of what the pitcher sees from the mound. The pitcher’s point of view gives the game more of a realistic feel, especially when the user is controlling the pitcher.

One of the main reasons why MVP 06 was better than 07 was because of the rosters. In ’06, the rosters were exactly right (college games can’t use player’s names but the jersey numbers matched up correctly). In ’07, none of the rosters were correct. Another attribute that made this game fantastic was the “Create-A-Ballpark” mode. Even though my NCAA team, Wake Forest, didn’t have their stadium loaded in the game, I was able to create a ballpark similar to Gene Hooks Field.

Only flaw of the game was it’s awful soundtrack. You would be better off muting the game and put your own music on. But on the bright side, the announcers Mike Patrick and Kyle Peterson gave us a great broadcast. Get ready for our #9 greatest sports video game tomorrow. Plus, feel free to give us your own list. It would be great to hear your insight.

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