Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2011

After my counterpart’s shout out of the week for the Detroit car commercial, I thought I’d give you a look at what I thought were some of the better commercials of the 2011 Super Bowl. Most were funny, or just good in my opinion.

This first one is probably the most talked about of all the commercials. I thought it was a good creative commercial, that was funny too.

This was one of the funnier commercials this year, bud light always does a good job and this is no exception. It combines two of my favorite things in the world, beer and dogs. All I know is I need some of those dogs for my next party.

This was my favorite sentimental commercial. A tribute to the NFL and the passion of its fans. It includes so many familiar tv shows that we don’t realize had all these great NFL moments.

Good news about this one, they make fun of Justin Bieber. Bad News, Justin Bieber is in it.

You can never go wrong with the e-trade baby, and this one is pretty good, I like the end of it where the baby reaches over to the tailor. Creative.

Name a song you’ve sung drunk at a bar…Tiny Dancer is one of the most common answers…a true classic song, and they use it to get the laugh from your own experiences. Solid commercial.

I thought this was one of the funniest commercials of the night. Another laugh from what people have experienced in their lives. I would like to say though, that not every guy in the world is that shallow, and I hope not every woman is thinking that quickly.

I hope you enjoyed my wrap up of Super Bowl Commercials and feel free to add your comments and suggest maybe a few I didn’t mention you thought were good.

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