Best Super Bowl Commercial

Nothing better then seeing some city representation. Here at 5BS, we are all about representing everything dealing with New York. But since I have family in the Detroit area, this advertisement definitely hits the home front. Having visited Detroit twice a year since I was born,  I have full respect for the city. For the past ten years, Detroit has been struggling hard economically. With the recession and the plummeting of car sales, there have been thousands of Detroitians laid off. Also, Michigan currently has the highest unemployment rate in the the country. This commercial shows that Detroit is still standing strong and is still working hard manufacturing American-made cars. The city of Detroit is this week’s Shout Out Of The Week.

One Response to “Best Super Bowl Commercial”

  1. Ashley Blue Says:

    Much better than the Eminem’s Sprite commercial. This one gets me all hot and bothered

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