Not In Our House!

Since the guy started to get famous, he’s been swarmed by cheers and girls screaming. Not in the Garden buddy! Seriously, what has Bieber done to gain respect from Knicks fans? Nothing. All we know is that he’s a teenager who sings like he’s got no balls. What’s he expecting? A standing ovation? He’s the epitome of the downfall of our youth. This isn’t Middletown, USA where no one has anything better to do than listen to your awful music. This is a town where you have to prove yourself. Maybe get season tickets to the Knicks or wear a Stoudemire jersey to pay your respects to this franchise. But if you come into our arena with a purple bow tie and that haircut, don’t expect a warm welcoming.

Btw, the girl crying at the end of the video is an embarrassment to this city. Did you come to the Garden to see Bieber? Didn’t think so. If you’re a real fan, don’t get flustered by your star crush and watch the game.


One Response to “Not In Our House!”

  1. Jenna Haze Says:

    I hate this little cunt… Mainly because I’m jealous, but I still hate him.

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