Pens Shut Out Isles…DiPietro KO’d

One of the worst games I’ve ever seen as an Isles fan…and that’s saying a lot. Not only did the Isles not show up, Rick DiPietro got annihilated in a game-ending fight between the two goaltenders. But I have to admit, I loved how much Sportscenter time the Islanders got today. Every ESPN show had the DiPietro fight! This had to be the most time the Isles have had on ESPN since the early 80’s. During the game, the Isles were beat in every aspect of the game. Going 0 for 5 on the power play with a pathetic 20 shots on goal. Ironically, the only Islander who played well was DiPietro. In the second period, he had one the best saves of the season. The puck was in the Isles zone practically the entire game (including the power plays), but DP managed to only give up two goals.

Now let me get this off my chest. Not sure if anyone saw Max Talbot’s hit on Blake Comeau in the first period. Talbot blind-sided Comeau and put his elbow into his face. Comeau was out cold lying on the ice for a solid minute, but there was no penalty on Talbot. Not only that, in retaliation, Konopka started to get in a small scuffle with Pens’ center Michael Rupp. Instead of giving matchin penalties to Konopka and Rupp, Konopka was given 4 minutes for roughing and Rupp only two. Are you kidding me? I know that the Penguins are the NHL’s golden children, but this is unheard of. (If you don’t think the NHL favors the Penguins, someone explain how Jordan Staal didn’t get suspended for his punch two nights ago against the Rangers). You telling me that the Pens’ pull off an illegal hit and the Isles get penalized for it? C’mon! I’m no way at all blaming the refs for the Isles’ miserable performance, but I’m just saying that this isn’t right. Let’s stop this favoritism and play some fair hockey. Isles come home to take on the Senators on Saturday night at 7pm.


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