Mozgov Mania

What a great night for the Knicks. Not only did they crush the Pistons 124-106, they discovered that they have a legit center. For the past ten games, Russian rookie Timofey Mozgov hasn’t played a single minute. Last night, with Wilson Chandler injured and Shawne Williams suspended for throwing a punch against the Heat, Mozgov was given an opportunity to show his talents. 23 points and 14 rebounds later, Mozgov proved to D’Antoni that he belongs on the court. What’s great about Mozgov is that he doesn’t try to play out of his shoes. When he’s down low, he does what’s expected. He had some great moves around the basket and threw it down when needed. Plus, he had some crucial rebounds in the beginning of the 4th quarter when the Knicks went on a 12-2 run to put the game out of reach for Detroit. If Mozgov becomes a legit center for the Knicks, it will take a ton of pressure off Amare and all the other forwards.

Last night showed once again how Knicks fans are the best in basketball. With a minute to go and the outcome of the game clearly in hard, the Garden started to chant, “Moz-gov! Moz-gov! Moz-gov!” Eleven years ago, I was at the Garden when Knicks’ center Chris Dudley dropped a career high 14 points. It sounded like a playoff atmosphere from the way the crowd reacted to it. That’s what Knicks fans are all about. They always show approval when the underdog steps up. The Knicks take on Dallas Wednesday night at 7:30.

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