Looks Like LeBron Chose the Wrong City

By far, the most impressive win of the season. Before the game, Amare Stoudemire said that no one is scared of the Heat in the NBA. Last night, the Knicks backed up Amare and put together a 4th quarter comeback to beat the Heat 93-88. In the final minutes of the game, Landry Fields and Gallo hit clutch back-to-back three’s to put Miami out of reach. Even though the Heat didn’t have Chris Bosh on the court, this is a legit win against one of the best teams in the league. Let’s face it, this is what Chris Bosh does. When the fourth month of the season comes around, the dude has a mid-season vacation and sits out for a couple of weeks. Thank God the Knicks didn’t sign the guy.

Now I hope LeBron realizes that he signed with the wrong team. If he wins a championship in Miami, nobody will care. Maybe he didn’t know this, but no one cares about the Heat in Miami. They can barely sell out playoff games. When the Knicks played there in the postseason a decade ago, no one was afraid of the Delta Airlines Arena. Last night, LeBron saw the Garden at its finest. He felt the energy of the city. When the Knicks are playing good basketball, New York is roaring. Just look at Amare and what he’s done for this town. He’s on his way to being the face of New York sports. LeBron had a chance to be the leader of the greatest city in the world, but he decided to take his talents South Beach. Wrong call dude. While the Knicks bring in Carmelo and create a dynasty, have fun staying ringless in Miami.

One Response to “Looks Like LeBron Chose the Wrong City”

  1. Chris Morrison Says:

    I hate you.

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