The Most Badass GM in All of Sports

Do I see Epstein doing this? Billy Beane? Didn’t think so.  Cashman’s image has gone from baseball nerd to total badass in the span of six days. If you haven’t heard, during the Rafael Soriano press conference, Cashman stated that he didn’t have any part of the signing. He said that the Steinbrenner’s made the deal and he didn’t agree with it. When was the last time someone publicly argued against a Steinbrenner decision? Billy Martin maybe? Then after sticking it to the Man, Cashman proceeds to rock a bandanna and bar tend for a night in the city. Awesome stuff.

(Thanks to Phil Negus for the video)

One Response to “The Most Badass GM in All of Sports”

  1. Is he trying to get fired??? I mean honestly dude great job with the bandanna and yeah its a noble cause but you are the GM of the biggest sports franchise in the world… I like your style but if scuffles happen between owners and GMs, the GM gets kicked like an illegal mexican crossing the border. Then bartending might be a viable option

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