Yankees Sign Bartolo Colon to Minor League Deal

(NY Times) From Catfish Hunter to Dwight Gooden, Jack McDowell to Roger Clemens, David Cone to Randy Johnson, the Yankees have a rich history of acquiring Cy Young Award-winning pitchers. They failed this off-season to add Cliff Lee to that stable, but on Wednesday they signed Bartolo Colon, the winner once traded for him. Colon, a 37-year-old right-hander who did not pitch professionally last year, will challenge for a back-end starting spot after agreeing to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training. He will receive $900,000 if he makes the team.

Nothing really to talk about here. Just another signing of a guy who would’ve been a stud six years ago. This just reiterates my statement that the Yankees would have the greatest team of all time if it was 2005. Colon will join Mark Prior in past all-stars who have close to a 0% chance of making the Opening Day roster.

One Response to “Yankees Sign Bartolo Colon to Minor League Deal”

  1. Dear Mr Colon,
    You have plenty of money, what are you doing????? Your fatter than ever and washed up. Sit on a beach somewhere, buy hookers and live out life. There’s no reason to embarrass yourself.

    Dear Yankees,
    Why are you wasting your time? You should be focused on winning championships, not bringing players back from the nursing home. You spend millions upon millions on your farm system every year… use it.

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