Knicks Snap Six Game Losing Streak

After that awful road trip, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the Knicks handed the Wizards their first road win of the season last night. But just when we thought the Knicks were on the decline, they exploded offensively. Having been held to 18 points the last two games, Stoudemire dropped his expected 30 points with a solid nine rebounds. Felton regained his touch dropping 17 points to go with his 15 assists. More importantly, the Knicks only turned the ball over 11 times. If they play with this kind of fire for the rest of the season, Knicks fans should be pumped the next couple of months. This is Knickerbocker basketball at its finest. Let’s hope the Knicks can get hot and take advantage of an injury-depleted Miami Heat squad Thursday night on TNT.

(Double click the video for full screen coverage)

One Response to “Knicks Snap Six Game Losing Streak”

  1. Stoudemire slammed it home last night! He has absolutely been one of the most exciting things to watch on the court this season

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