Knicks Lose Fourth Straight; Nets Back Out of Melo Deal

For the past week, the Knicks have quietly been one of the worst teams in the NBA. Once again, no one is playing defense and the only player scoring is Amare. This just proves that the Knicks aren’t as good as we thought. They’ve scored 83 points against Sacramento and 89 against the Rockets. Are you kidding me? Even when they were winning 23 games per season back in ’07 the Knicks were still putting up triple digits. They better figure it out soon or they will find themselves out of the playoffs in no time.

Last night, the New Jersey Nets’ owner Mikhail Prokhorov decided to drop all talks dealing with a trade for Carmelo Anthony. For the past two weeks, the Nets and the Nuggets have been trying to make a deal but there have been some major hiccups. First, the Nuggets are trying to get rid of Al Harrington so they don’t have to pay him $7 million at the end of the season. The Nets didn’t want to inherit that contract so the deal was temporarily off. Then it came out that if Carmelo was traded to the Nets, he wouldn’t guarantee to sign a contract extension after the season. This clearly shows he wants to come to the Knicks. Amare has already been trying to convince him to come to New York. Best case scenario, Carmelo stays in Denver for the entire season. Let’s face it: the Knicks have close to no shot of winning a championship this season. If they get Carmelo this year, they will probably have to get rid of Chandler, Gallinari and a first round pick. If they wait, they can bring in Carmelo and keep Gallo and Chandler. Let’s be patient, get Carmelo in July, and strive for a championship next season.

One Response to “Knicks Lose Fourth Straight; Nets Back Out of Melo Deal”

  1. Bellarmine Says:

    You have to hope The Melo Man will make it past the trading deadline. Trading for him now could hurt the team in the long run. I don’t think he gets us past Miami, Boston or even Orlando especially if we give up too much to get him. He may not be the answer even if we wait. He makes us more competitive but I don’t know about a championship.

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