What to Make of the Yanks’ 2011 Rotation

As we approach a month before pitchers and catchers report, it’s time to start talking about all the questions dealing with the Yankees starting rotation. In order for the Yanks to win the division, AJ Burnett and Phil Hughes must have dominating seasons. If AJ wins 18+ games with an ERA under 4, the Yankees will be sitting pretty come October. However, given the full season struggle of Burnett in ’10 and the collapse of Hughes in the postseason, who knows how they will recover. As we all know, Sabathia will anchor the rotation for the third straight season. Hughes will most likely be the number 2 man while Burnett will be third. If Pettitte retires (which is likely to happen), that leaves Ivan Nova at the number 4 and Sergio Mitre as the 5th man in the rotation. Let’s not forget newly acquired Justin Duchscherer as a possible starter as well.

Kevin Millwood was 4-16 with a 5.10 ERA last season in Baltimore

Now if Pettitte comes back, this rotation is set. You have Andy at the three and Mitre is back in the bullpen. But Cashman has to be assuming Pettitte retires. Today I heard a rumor that the Yanks are interested in Kevin Millwood as a back end of the rotation guy.Even though the dude was 4-16 with Baltimore last season, I would love to have him. He had absolutely no run support last year and had an ERA under four most of the season (his rough finish earned him a 5.10 ERA for the year).

The Yankees must get another starter. Sergio Mitre cannot be in the rotation. Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy. He has good stuff but the Yanks won’t get anywhere with him pitching every fifth game. He’s a great option when someone goes on the DL. But what happens if AJ or anyone else gets hurt? Who starts? Sean Henn? Gotta bring in a vet starter to support the back end of the rotation.

4 Responses to “What to Make of the Yanks’ 2011 Rotation”

  1. Here’s an interesting thought that crossed my mind. With the addition of Soriano could the Yankees move Joba out of the bullpen and back into the starting rotation? I would prefer that over Mitre starting. Just a thought.

  2. its definitely a possibility, but i feel joba has been ruined by the yankees for moving back and forth from the pen to the rotation. he was perfectly fine in ’07 when he was the set-up man, but then the steinbrenners thought joba as a starter would sell more tickets. this move changed his career forever. he got soft and didn’t know how to pitch after 5 innings. then the yanks moved him back to the bullpen where he was never able to regain his dominance.

    i think the yanks should trade joba and for a young hitter or something. this is joba’s make or break year and i have no confidence in him in the rotation or the pen. thank the yankees ownership for ruining one of our best prospects in the past decade.

  3. Bellarmine Says:

    I don’t think 1. Joba is ruined and if he is then its not the Yanks fault – he may never have been as good as we thought he was. He had one mini run when he came up and after that he was extremely erratic. But all anyone talks about is the yankee brass did this and the yankee brass did that. Too bad, it wasn’t that bad a plan, it may not have worked but it was a plan. I’m tired of hearing how the yanks ruined Joba, it wasn’t as if he were a twenty game winner. Maybe we should accept that he’s simply the pitcher he is, no better no worse. Now, 2. We’re still about fifteen wins short in the rotation and it may take two starters to get those wins.

  4. […] he might have some good games left in the tank. Yesterday, the Yanks also signed Kevin Millwood. Like I said a couple of months ago, this is the right move. Unlike picking up a guy like Mark Prior, Millwood actually had a solid big […]

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