The Worst Game of the Season

Did I see Jerome James and Penny Hardaway on the court last night? Cause that looked like 2005 Knicks basketball. It might have been the ugliest performance since Mike D’Antoni came to New York. Now I know D’Antoni isn’t known for coaching strong defenses, but doesn’t that mean the Knicks are supposed to score over 100 points a game? Last night the Knicks scored 83 miserable points, 24 points below their season average. The Knicks handed the Kings (arguably the worst team in the NBA)  just their third win on the road this season. How does this happen? The Knicks just came off a solid west coast road trip and their first game at home was against the lowly Kings. Definitely not a game a playoff-caliber basketball team should lose.

Now let’s look on the bright side. Over the course of this season, the Knicks have had some of these “wtf” games. It happens. It’s who they are. They are still five games over .500 and are seeded sixth in the conference. I’m expecting a strong performance by everyone against the Suns on Monday night.

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