Why Did the Islanders Trade Roloson?

Last night, the Islanders lost their third straight game and have given up 15 goals in the span of that time. Ever since Kevin Poulin’s fabulous performance against Colorado, he has shown us that he needs to be in Bridgeport ASAP. Backup goaltender Nathan Lawson looks like he needs to be in the ECHL, let alone the AHL. This is one of the reasons I don’t understand why the Islanders traded Dwayne Roloson to the Lightning for a minor league defenseman. Roloson was playing his best hockey of the season last month when the Isles were on fire. Plus, DiPietro was back in full health playing his best hockey since ’06. Now with Roloson traded and DiPietro hurt (again), the Isles are stuck with two minor league goalies for what might be the rest of the season.

Goalies Nathan Lawson and Kevin Poulin (above) have given up a combined 23 goals in 6 starts

Now I know that the Isles have close to no chance of making the playoffs this season, but I still don’t understand the Roloson trade. Did GM Garth Snow think that DiPietro was going to stay healthy so he could get rid of Roloson? I know that the Isles are in the rebuilding process (for the fourth straight year) and are trying to bring in younger players, but this trade still doesn’t make sense. When you have an injury-prone goaltender, you don’t trade away your other goalie.  As Islander fans, we all need to look to the future, but we still want to see our team play well now. Just when the Isles were figuring it out and playing their best hockey, Garth Snow ruined their only chance of salvaging this season. Now it looks like the Isles are headed down a long tunnel until April.

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