Was Howie Rose fired?

:08 – “Is it Spring Training yet?”

:44 – “Hey let me know how this game turns out…Not that I particularly care.”

If you don’t know, Howie Rose is the play-by-play television broadcaster for the New York Islanders and the New York Mets. He’s been with the Islanders broadcast team since 1995, but last November he made a big mistake. While not knowing he was on-air, he expressed his true feelings about Islanders hockey and bashed them on live television. Since I’ve been home for break, Howie hasn’t broadcasted a single game. The Islanders have been broadcasted by Jiggs McDonald, the man who was replaced by Rose in ’95. Jiggs was with the Isles broadcast team from 1980-1995 and witnessed three Stanley Cups while working for them. So, was Howie fired? If so, I’ll be more than happy if Jiggs is here to stay.

As for Rose, I wouldn’t mind if he leaves. We all know he grew up a die-hard Rangers fan in Brooklyn and has never been the biggest Islanders supporter. But this season, I’ve tolerated him because he’s been paired up with the passionate former Islander, Butch Goring. Expressing his lack of caring for this hockey team is a fireable offense. When I watch my Islanders, I want to hear a commentator who shares the same passion for Islander hockey – not some Ranger fan acting like he cares about my team. If I was Charles Wang, I would let him go and bring back Jiggs for good!


The Great Jiggs McDonald


UPDATE: Howie Rose has not been fired. He is taking time off for winter break during the Islanders’ west coast trip.

2 Responses to “Was Howie Rose fired?”

  1. Howie Rose Says:

    sir, i am distressed and appalled at such comments. how could you fault me for growing up a rangers fan? plus nobody really cares about the islanders, i had just assumed your previous posts were purely satirical, and i only worked for them because the rangers didn’t want me anyway. so let me know how this blog turns out for you because i really do care.

    • Im a rangers and mets fan, but thats beside the point. Howie is one of sports’ premier broadcasters. I love gk and r but I usually turn into the fan during Meta games just to hear Howie and Wayne. And I don’t care if he likes the Mets or not. He still does a great job.

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