If This Is Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Desean Jackson Should Be Suspended for the Season

So if anyone hasn’t heard, the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl was played yesterday afternoon at Yankee Stadium. It was a great game between Kansas State and Syracuse, but there was major controversy in the final minute. With Kansas State down by eight with 1:30 to go, wide receiver Adrian Hillburn caught a touchdown pass to cut the lead to two. After he caught the pass, he saluted the Kansas State fans in the back of the endzone. Afterwards, the referee went up to the player and said to him, “You’re going to regret that.” The ref threw the flag and called him for unsportsmanlike conduct. With Kansas State having to go for two, the Wildcats got the ball at the 17 yard line instead of the two for the two point conversion. The Wildcats failed on the conversion and lost 38-36.

Are you kiddin’ me? You have no idea how much this pisses me off. Personally, I’m not a fan of any touchdown celebrations, but this is absurd. A salute? That’s not a celebration. That’s just acknowledging the fans that have traveled from Kansas. The referee, Todd Geerlings, explained the celebration as, “a choreographed act by drawing attention to himself.” If this is unsportsmanlike conduct, how about the Tennessee quarterback last night giving a choke sign to the North Carolina fans after scoring a touchdown? And the funny thing is that both games were officiated by Big Ten crews. Absolutely unfair.

While we are discussing unsportsmanlike conducts, let’s talk about the NFL. Isn’t the NFL supposed to keep the league classy? Isn’t Goodell supposed to be this big bad commissioner fining people left and right for classless act? So then why isn’t Desean Jackson’s pocket’s empty? The guy is a disgrace to the NFL, and I’m not saying that just because he’s on the Eagles. He is a bad example to fans around the country and should be penalized for it. But hey, I guess that’s how people act when they don’t have rings.

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