The 2010 New York Giants Don’t Deserve to be Called “New York Giants”

I’ve waited a day to post this because I wanted to subside my anger before roasting this team.

There isn’t one New York Giants player that deserves to go to the postseason. That was the most pathetic performance I’ve seen since last season’s season-ending loss to the Panthers. As soon as the Giants return home (which won’t be until tomorrow morning given the weather), I want every player and coach to question their manhood. I want each and every one of them to look down and see if they have a pair of balls. I have never seen a softer team in my life. A Super Bowl hangover is not an excuse anymore. The 2010 New York Giants don’t deserve to be called New York Giants.

Eli Manning:

24 interceptions? Are you kidding me? I don’t care if ten of them were tipped passes. You have been the softest player in the NFL since the Eagles game at the Linc. Last Sunday, you couldn’t throw an accurate pass if you life depended on it. Your best pass was a lucky touchdown catch by Manningham. It was a soft toss that easily could’ve been intercepted if Mario didn’t make a play. You threw five picks. FIVE! I officially don’t trust you as a quarterback. Everytime you drop back to pass, I’m expecting an interception. Figure it out next year, or your career as a Giant could be over soon.

Kevin Gillbride:

That was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen from an offensive coordinator. What’s the strongest part of the Giants’ offense? The running game. How many times did the Giants run the football in the first half? Nine times. NINE! Makes no sense. A fireable offense indeed.

Terrell Thomas:

The Giants gained momentum by cutting the lead in half with a Manningham touchdown, and what do you do? You bash Donald Driver’s head into ground and receive a 15 yard penalty on a crucial defensive stop. You want to play like that? Go play for the Eagles. That’s not what this team is all about. You better apologize to the Mara family for your unsportsmanlike actions.

Justin Tuck:

You talk all weekend about how the Giants are going to bounce back. You tell Strahan to shut up after he badmouths the defensive effort against Philly. Guess what Tuck? Strahan was right. You guys quit– starting with you. Aaron Rodgers had all day in the pocket. You didn’t give our secondary a chance. You got humiliated against a sub-par offensive line. Have a nice January resting in your redneck Alabama town.

Perry Fewell:

What did you do all week? Did you even come up with a defensive scheme? Sometimes you look like a genius (the Bears game back in October) and sometimes you look like the most clueless coordinator in the league. You are the definition of an inconsistent defensive coordinator. You are coaching a franchise that has a proud reputation for having dominated defenses. You show no pride when coaching this team.

Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs:

Every time the ball is handed off to you guys, I catch myself saying, “Hold on to the ball!” How do you fumble the ball on a draw play when no one touches you? Pathetic. Bradshaw- you have cost us three games because your fumbling problems. How many games back are we from making the playoffs? Think about that during your long off-season.

Osi Umenyiora:

Did you make the trip to Lambeau? Didn’t see you on the field at all. Don’t worry about it though. I’m expecting that from the most inconsistent defensive player I’ve ever seen.

Antrel Rolle:

You guarantee a playoff birth, then how do you back it up? You blow every coverage when Rodgers threw down the field. I almost feel bad for you. Must be embarrassing after being cocky in press conferences then show no effort during the game. That sucks! Try explaining that one to the media.

Tom Coughlin:

I would like to thank you for all you’ve done for this organization. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Giants need a win in Washington and a Green Bay loss to make the playoffs. But trust me, there’s no chance in hell the Giants will win against the Redskins. This team has packed it in. As much as Coughlin said that the team was over the Eagles loss, they aren’t. The season ended after those last eight painful minutes. As Giants fans, we shouldn’t want to see this team in the playoffs anyway. This is not a team that’s ready to make a post-season run. If they make the playoffs, the Giants will most likely have to play at Philadelphia. You want to watch the Giants get embarrassed in Philly again? Didn’t think so.

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