Everybody Shut Up About Rex Ryan

How could this story possibly make the front page of the Post? You kiddin’ me? Ok, I get after his wife’s “foot-fetish” video hit the internet, there would be some laughs about it. But now it’s getting completely out of hand. If you are a Jets fan, you should be pissed at the media for blowing this story up. Everyone is saying how this is another distraction for the Jets during a week before a crucial game against the Bears. This should’ve been out of the headlines yesterday. Michael Wilpon on “Pardon the Interruption” said it perfectly, “Probably 10-15% of Americans have foot-fetishes so why are we getting on Rex Ryan’s case?” Nothing bothers me more when stupid off-field news about athletes and coaches makes the front page. I don’t care what Rex Ryan does when he leaves the Meadowlands.

This is very similar to the Tiger Woods situation last November. As a golf fan, I don’t care what Tiger does off the golf course. Do we know Tiger for being an excellent family fan? No, we know him as a fantastic golfer. Let’s have the media get off these players’ and coaches’ backs when it comes to personal matters. If the Jets lose to Chicago on Sunday, the media should bury Ryan with questions about the team’s performance, NOT about his personal life.

— Just saw this from the Chicago Tribune. One of the many reasons I’ll never take that newspaper seriously.

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