The Garden Is Back.

Last night, I could feel the whole city shaking. It’s official. Knicks basketball is back and it’s crazy to say that after a heartbreaking loss, but it’s true. The Celtics are an elite team in the NBA and are currently the hottest team in the league. At the Garden last night, the Knicks proved they can play with them any day of the week. Amare is having an MVP-like season, while guys like Gallinari and Felton are coming through in the clutch. That loss hurt bad last night, but I can’t even remember the last time a Knick game seemed that important. 1999? 2000? Who knows. It’s hard to explain, but I haven’t seen a higher intensity level in the Garden since LJ’s four point play. Even during the dark ages from 2002-2009, Knicks fans would get loud, but there were a lot of “I’m getting excited, but in the long run this doesn’t matter” cheers. Last night was completely different. At one point, I felt like Oakley, Ewing, and Starks were on the court while the crowd was deafening.

In the second quarter, the Knicks were winning by eight, but I had a bad feeling about the game. The Celtics are a great team with veteran players who know how to finish games. When the intensity level increases, Boston knows how to close out and get the job done. Ray Allen gets hot from downtown, KG dominates the boards, Pierce becomes clutch- and that’s exactly what happened. The Knicks practically played a perfect game, but the Celtics rose to the occasion with two minutes to go and outplayed them.

But let me hit you with some truth- the Celtics are veteran team that’s starting to show their age. Last time I checked, other than Rondo, they don’t have too many young game-changers. These mid-30’s all-stars for Boston don’t have too much left in the tank. Amare, Felton, Gallo, Fields, Chandler – BOOM! For the first time in ten years, I’m liking where this Knicks franchise is headed.

3 Responses to “The Garden Is Back.”

  1. Martin Kelly Says:

    what u think about getting carmelo or u think they should keep Gallinari, Chandler and fields

  2. can’t trade all three. i would do gallo and fields, or chandler and fields, but definitely not all three. i would actually prefer waiting until June to sign Melo and give up nobody!

  3. ive never seen so many knicks fans that are proud of a loss. tommy heinson said it best last night when he said he thinks this the the best the knicks can play and last night was not even close to the best the celtics can play and the celtics still won. knicks play less than 0 defense. unless you plan on outscoring every single team, this team is not going anywhere even with melo. and amar’e had a nice game. against our backup 4. put perkins or the oneals out there and he has half as many points instead of going against erden and big baby.

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