Solid Performance.

That’s the definition of Giants football. Dominating defense and a deadly running game. We made the Vikings look like the worst team in league. Brandon Jacobs is continuing his beast-like performances, while Bradshaw is one the fastest runningbacks I’ve seen in a while. Tavaris Jackson couldn’t even get a snap off before seeing Tuck or Osi in his face. The offensive line played their fifth straight great game. With Diehl back, we have a brick wall for Eli. Speaking of Eli, what the fuck is wrong with him? He’s literally throwing balls straight into the hands of defensive backs. He’s been inaccurate ever since the Dallas game at home. We need him to cut down on the interceptions if we want to play come January.

Biggest game in football is next Sunday. I wouldn’t say it’s a must-win game, but it’s pretty close. As it’s panning out, it seems that 10 wins might not get an NFC team into the postseason, with the exception of the NFC West winner. This means the GIants can pretty much only lose one more game from here on out. If the Giants win out, it’s likely they will have a first round bye. If they lose the next two games, the season is over. I’m liking our chances at home against Philly. We played one of our worst games of the season at their place on Sunday night, and still almost won the game. Now with our receivers healthy, a newly found running game, and a strong left tackle to protect Eli, I would be surprised if we don’t come out strong and play one of our best games of the year.

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