Brandon Jacobs Has Officially Regained His Manhood

What a beast. I’m not sure what happened three weeks ago, but this guy decided to play football again. For the first six weeks of the season, Jacobs was the biggest pussy in the NFL. Now he’s single-handedly winning games. Plus with Bradshaw not fumbling for two straight weeks, this combo in the backfield is phenomenal. Who could think of a better time for Giants to figure out their running game? With Nicks, Smith, and Barden hurt, the Giants definitely couldn’t rely on Duke Calhoun and Michael Clayton to power this offense. Bradshaw and Jacobs have led this offense to two must-win games. With the way the Saints, Packers, and the Bears are playing, the Giants have another must-win in Minnesota next week. The GMEN are 8-4 right now, but if the season ended today, they would be headed home come January. The Vikings are playing hot lately, so the Giants must play a turnover-free game. Looks like Steve Smith will be able to play, but his PT will be restricted. This means we need another fantastic performance by our backfield. Giants – Vikings next Sunday at 1pm.



One Response to “Brandon Jacobs Has Officially Regained His Manhood”

  1. Bellarmine Says:

    The big Dog is back in the yard!!!!!

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