“Lombardi” – Go See It Now

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to see the new Broadway show “Lombardi.” Gotta say, it was fantastic. The play is about the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers, Vince Lombardi. Before Lombardi coached Green Bay, the Packers were 1-10 and the worst team in the NFL. Lombardi turned the organization around and brought greatness to the small Wisconsin town. In the play, a sports journalist from New York goes up to Green Bay to write an article about Lombardi in the middle of the 1965 football season. Through the eyes of the journalist, we see the real Vince Lombardi.

Lombardi changed the game of football. His coaching philosophy has been brought over from generation to generation and is still used today.  Dan Lauria does a phenomenal job playing Lombardi. Not only does he look the part, he even has every one of Vince’s mannerisms down to perfection.  Judith Light also has a solid performance playing Marie Lombardi, Vince’s wife. EVERY FOOTBALL FAN MUST SEE THIS PLAY.

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