How Bout Dem’ Knickerbockers?

So who knew the Knicks would have the same amount of wins as the Heat come December 1? Who needs LeBron when you have Amare? The dude has single-handedly has won us seven of these ten victories. The last two games, he’s dropped 37 and 35. We haven’t had a player score like this since Allen Houston, except Amare actually rebounds and plays defense like an animal.  Since did the Knicks become so good on the road? Haven’t they won like 9 games total on the road for the past three seasons or something? I don’t know what D’Antoni has changed but I like it. The Knicks have officially become a watchable team again.

Having said that, I’ve probably cursed them for the next 14 games, just like I did with the Islanders.

2 Responses to “How Bout Dem’ Knickerbockers?”

  1. Old St. Knick Says:

    It could be a very promising December for the Knicks if they keep this up I am very pleased with the play of Amare this year for the Kincks. I was excited when the Knicks picked him up and if he keeps this up who knows what could happen!

  2. Weird another player is playing better than LeBron

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