Reason #17483748375 why MJ is the Greatest Athlete of All-Time

2 Responses to “Reason #17483748375 why MJ is the Greatest Athlete of All-Time”

  1. Steven Brooks Says:

    this is the greatest video i’ve ever seen in my life

  2. Ingenious mash up of two nike ads. It was so fitting to take the michael jordan ad about hard work and excuses and play it against the LeBron commercial. Its amazing how fast LeBron has fallen from being a player that I liked and admired to just another player in the NBA. Dont get me wrong LeBron is extremely talented but he wont ever be respected until he shuts up and finally puts up. With the collection of stars on the Heat they have to win a championship. It was so exciting to watch LeBron take the cavs on his back to the playoffs and silence all the critics with his extrordinary play but ever since he left cleveland and stopped playing to his full potential he needs to shut the fuck up and not worry about any commercials just play the damn game!

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