This Better Be Reverse Psychology

“I’ve never seen a quarterback do the things Vick can do, besides seeing Michael Vick…His pocket passing is more efficient, he has a bazooka for an arm and he runs faster than three quarters of the receivers in this league.”   – Antrel Rolle

“He’s unlike anything we’ve seen at the position.”  – Barry Cofield

“His speed, there’s nothing like it at the quarterback position..You can’t practice for that kind of speed. It’s almost impossible.” – Michael Boley

Gotta tell you- there’s nothing like waking up and reading this bullshit to start your day. Really puts you in a fantastic mood. I’m hoping this is just some plan to get in Vick’s head because if these guys believe this shit, it’s not going to be a good Sunday night for Giants fans. I get it, Vick is pretty good. He got me 57 fantasy points on Monday. But c’mon! It was one game against a shitty Redskins defense. We have a great defense. We had an awful game last week but we are still top five in the league. Stop praising this fucker and destroy him Sunday.

Btw, I have concluded that there’s no such thing as karma in the NFL. Vick kills dogs, goes to jail, then has an MVP-like season two years later. Roethlisberger rapes a chick, gets suspended four games, then comes back with a strong performance. Braylon Edwards gets a DUI after a bar fight, then three days later gets the game-winning touchdown against the Patriots.  And that’s why the NFL is awesome.

One Response to “This Better Be Reverse Psychology”

  1. I Phil Sick Says:

    I used to feel sick everytime I watched the Eagles play football but ever since we stopped using Vick for the wildcat and realized his true potential as a madDOG he has been dominating like he used to with Bad Newz Kennels. I might change my name from I Phil Sick to Ron Mexico I love Michael Vick and I think hes a great guy!

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