That Sucked, But I’m Not Gonna Worry About It

Hey, that was just one of those games. Once Phillips was fired last Monday I knew we were going to face a completely different Cowboys team. Last Thursday, I read that Garrett had them in full pads all week. The Boys were going to come out with a completely revamped intensity, which they did. I will give Dallas full credit for this win. Having already played them twice, I wish them the best of luck demolishing the Washington and Philadelphia.

As for the GMEN – terrible performance. I should’ve realized that this was going to be a tough day when I heard that Diehl and O’Hara were ruled out. Our O-line was a disaster. Seubert is a great guard, but a shitty center. Petrus and Boothe just absolutely blow. As for the secondary, that was just an off-day. They’ve been playing well so far this season so I’ll let this one pass. Just figure it out and come ready to play next week. I trust that Fewell knows what he’s doing with the D so I have no worries that they will adjust. Overall, this was a shitty performance, but I’m not expecting the Giants to play out of their minds every week. Last year, this would’ve been a forty point differential. This squad showed some fight yesterday. Let’s just put this game behind us and look forward to the game of the year next Sunday night at Philly.

Btw, Dez Bryant is an absolute beast. Hope he murders Philly single-handedly.

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