Never Be Afraid To Take a Knee


Orlando Sentinel – Winter Springs QB’s untimely mistake in district tiebreaker earns sympathy. Instead of kneeling down, Garrett Etheridge was stripped of the ball and coughed up a game-deciding fumble.  Craig Howard understands. So do Ted Jones, Wes Allen and Jake Redding. All witnessed Winter Springs senior quarterback Garrett Etheridge’s attempt to run out the clock and force overtime during a district tiebreaker Monday night against Oviedo. Instead of kneeling down on the final play, Etheridge was stripped of the ball by Oviedo’s Jake Redding, who returned it 20 yards for a game-winning touchdown. “Garrett’s going to be fine,” said Jones, Winter Springs’ athletic director. “We don’t have a better boy on this campus. His teammates love him. His classmates love him.” Said Allen, Oviedo’s coach: “I feel awful for the kid. That’s the good thing about high school kids. They can put things behind him and move on.” “I just hope for that kid that he can take it as a learning experience.” “It’s just one football game. It’s very minute in the scope of life.”

I don’t understand. After all that has happened in the history of this great game, why do people try to fuck with it? I’ve never heard of anything simpler than taking a knee. Kneel down and nothing wrong can happen! If you do anything knee, shit could hit the fan?! As a Giants fan, this is obviously a sensitive topic for me:

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