Jeter Wins Gold Glove…WOW!!!!

Of course I will always hope a Yankee wins a Cy Young, ROY, Gold Glove, or MVP award. I was glad to see Cano, Jeter and Tex receive their hardware. But even as a Yankees fan…Jeter? Really? Don’t get me wrong, he’s the heart of this ballclub. His leadership is so valuable to this team – so valuable he’s about make $20 million a year for his leadership skills. But he doesn’t deserve this gold glove. Give it to ANY OTHER shortstop in the league – possibly Elvis Andrus, Cliff Pennington, Alexei Ramirez, or Jack Wilson. This is sad because the Gold Glove award actually used to mean something. Now the league is just giving it out the household names, just like they do in the All-Star Game. I can’t even watch the MLB All-Star Game anymore cause of this problem. Soon, we all won’t care about these awards. I hate to say it, but baseball is slowly getting shittier every year. Just look at the ratings for the World Series. A regular season NFL game was rated higher than a World Series game!! That should tell Selig something. Maybe bring back the game that was played in the 90’s, when players actually cared more about winning games and less about making more money.

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