Best Team in the NFC…Let’s Hope It Lasts

So I have to admit, I didn’t see this coming. After the Titans game in late September, I thought Coughlin’s job was on the line and the Giants were going to have a season to forget. Wow was I wrong! Since that abysmal loss, the Giants have been the best team in the NFL, hands down. The defense has become so scary, opponents are giving up mid-way through the second half. Eli is playing out of his mind, our receivers are arguably the best in the league, and our running game has been rejuvenated with Jacobs returning as a beast. Having said that, the Giants are always one play / one injury away from losing this momentum. If you think the Giants have it made, you are wrong. Everyone needs to remember that it’s only week 9. There are still eight weeks left in this season – anything can happen. Two years ago, the Giants were the best team in NFL, sittin’ pretty at 11-1. Then all of a sudden Plaxico shoots himself in the leg. BOOM. Momentum is gone. Season is over.

Don’t get me wrong, this five game winning streak has been the highlight of my fall. When the Giants are playing well, my life has no stress. However, having learned from the past, I’m not going to be too excited. I’m just going to stay satisfied and look forward to playing Dallas at home. The Gmen can’t let down against the ‘Boys. I know they’re awful, but you can’t let them stay in the game. Kick them while they’re down.

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