Whoever is from Philly can go fuck themselves. Seriously. What are you good for in society? You guys win one fuckn championship in thirty years and you think your fuckn boss? The Eagles are a disgrace to football and the Flyers make me want to fuckn puke.  Yea I know the Isles played awful tonight. But seriously? With 2 minutes to go and up by five you pull this shit? I want Carcillo dead. And I pray to God that the Isles will win a cup before the Flyers. All the Isles need are a couple of years. Just hold off Philly and let them keep losing for a little while. Fuck the Phillies. Fuck the Eagles. Fuck the Flyers. Fuck Philly. You’re a fuckn embarrassment to this country. Maybe someday Philly will become a respected city. But until then, it will always be a smaller shittier version of New York. Suck it.

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