Knicks are Over .500…Cherish It While It Lasts

So the Knicks last night won their first game of the season. I honestly can’t remember the last time the Knicks were over .500. Even though it was against the shitty Toronto Raptors, a win is still a win, especially when it’s on the road. Stoudemire looked solid in his debut with 19 and 12. The big surprise of the night was Wilson Chandler playing like an all-star. The dude came off the bench and dropped a solid 22. So let’s all celebrate the Knicks’ winning record for the day because the weekend doesn’t look pretty. The Knicks travel to Boston Friday then take on Portland at home on Saturday. Fuck…

One Response to “Knicks are Over .500…Cherish It While It Lasts”

  1. Trenton Langston Says:

    Best closing line ever!!! “Fuck…” ha ha ha

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