“This is What We Think About When We Think Giants Football”

Couldn’t ask for a better performance. The defense was magnificent. I haven’t seen the defense play this well since the Super Bowl. With the exception of Jacobs’ fumble, this game was close to perfect. Osi is officially back and Justin Tuck should now be recognized as one of the best defensive players in the game. As for the offense – a very slow start. But when the defense is playing out of their minds, it doesn’t really matter. It was good to see Eli clicking with his receivers by the fourth quarter. Bradshaw looked fantastic. Even Jacobs had a couple of good rushes and a touchdown.

Last night will definitely be remembered as one of the greatest nights in Giants football. Yes, I know it’s only Week 4. But to have a performace like that on a night where thirty former Giants were inducted into the Ring of Honor, no Giants fan could ask for anything more. This game was a  must-win game and the Giants came through. The GMen are headed next week to Houston to play a well-polished Texans team. Let’s keep this momentum going.

2 Responses to ““This is What We Think About When We Think Giants Football””

  1. Sack Lunch Says:

    9 first half sacks unreal!!!!! Giants looked great really getting after the quarterback and they continued to pick up the pace as the game went on. This could be the momentum swing the G-men needed wil be interesting to see how they come out next week and weither or not they will have the same momentum drive and purpose. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_Tv5wNJyIw

  2. Crabcakes and Football! THATS WHAT MARYLAND DOES!!!!

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