Shout out of the Week

THURSDAY NIGHT TELEVISION…with Sunday night in a close second. What’s better than sitting on the couch, knowing that it’s the fuck’n weekend while watching awesome shows? Think about it: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Jersey Shore, The League, and The Office. And let’s not forget the occasional Thursday Night Football game. It’s kind of sad that it’s Monday and I’m already counting down the days till Thursday night.

One Response to “Shout out of the Week”

  1. Muscle Bound Says:

    Bro there is only one good fucking show on this list and its the Jersey Shore you dont have to say anything else it makes TV for the whole fucking week all i do is go to the gym go tanning and make sure my clothes are fresh and inbetween sets of crunches and injections I watch the one show that makes me feel like a real man. Besides if you cant smush a girl who says she is a model by doing anything more than flashing your abs your a fucking pussy. Im out gotta go fist pump call on me just came on!

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