Getting Closer to October

Wacky game last night. Mariano blows another save, but the Yanks manage to snap their four-game losing streak. This hasn’t been the best September for the Bombers, but I’m still not worried. It’s been a great season so far and the Yanks have a tendency to struggle at the end of the season, especially when they’re guaranteed a playoff birth. Look at the ’98 and 2000 seasons. Even though the Yanks had the most wins in American League history in 1998, their September was abysmal. In 2000, the Yankees at one point lost 14 of 17 games. What happened during October in both of those seasons? Championships. As long as the Yankees come prepared for the playoffs, I have no problem with their lackluster performances. I’m sure anyone would take a strong October over a strong September any day.

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