One of the worst performances by the New York Giants of all time. Are you kiddin’ me? What have the Giants changed since last season? That was the same defense that couldn’t stop anyone all last year. All last season, I’ve blamed Bill Sheridan for the poor defensive efforts of 2009. Now I’m starting to realize that it may not have been the coordinator. That defense wasn’t ready to play last night. How can you not get pumped for last night’s game? It’s Sunday Night Football, prime time, Manning vs. Manning. Instead, the GMen defense decides to go out like a bunch of pussies. The game was over as soon as Manning picked apart the defense on the opening drive. It was almost like the GMen instantly gave up and surrendered to Peyton.

Even though the D sucked, don’t think that the offense is getting away with their performace. First off, Brandon Jacobs – get the fuck out of New York. Your work is done here. Pack up your bags and never come back. You are the softest running back in the NFL, your attitude absolutely sucks, and we don’t need your distracting bullshit. I don’t know what happened to the offensive line. I know Boss’ injury harmed our protection, but last night Eli would’ve been better off with no offensive line at all. Eli had NO time to get any pass off. Every throw was rushed, causing bad passes and crucial turnovers. David Diehl is my boy, but Freeney lit him up all game. If I was Coughlin, I would rest my O-line the next couple of days. They’ve all been banged up since the start of training camp. It seems like they need to have a break before next Sunday.

On a happier note, Bradshaw seems like he’s coming back to his senses. He had a phenomenal second half and it looks like he’s going to have to take over the rains of our running game. Also, it’s better to be embarrassed like this in Week 2. It’s a long season and now we have time to make adjustments. Last year, the GMen started 5-0. Once trouble began at the end of the season, it was too late to make any changes. In 2007, the Giants’ D gave up 80 points in the first two games. That humiliation gave the defense a solid chip on their shoulder. That chip rode the Giants to a Super Bowl victory. Time to get back on track versus a struggling Tennessee team at home next Sunday.

One Response to “Unacceptable.”

  1. Trenton Langston Says:

    I agree! Giants have a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball and it is good that they can adress these issues early in the season. Very dissapointed however that the fan did not get to keep the helmet. The fan clearly wanted it more and would have put it to better use!

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