It Was Ugly, But It’s Still A Win

After witnessing last season’s second half debocle, I’ve learned that I’ll take a win no matter how the Giants do it. I don’t care if they play the worst game of all time – if they win, I’m happy. Now yesterday, for the most part, wouldn’t cut it against more than half the teams in the NFL. Fortunately, Carolina QB Matt More was abysmal and single-handedly gave the GMen the game. After closing out the old stadium against the Panthers with one of the most humiliating losses in franchise history, it felt good opening the new stadium with a victory against the very same team.

The defense couldn’t have played any better. I know the Panthers aren’t an offensive power house, but the D still did their job. This was the first game since the 2008 season that I had strong confidence with every aspect of the defense. The line constantly put pressure on Moore and heavily outplayed their O-Line. Osi had his best game since the Super Bowl with a 4 tackles, a sack, and a forced fumble. Kiwanuka had the best game of his career with 3 tackles, 2 sacks, a forced fumble. If this line continues to show this dominance every week, this will be a fun Giants season to watch.

One of the biggest surprises yesterday was the performance of the secondary. This shows what kind of potential this secondary has, if they stay healthy. The new acquistions of SS Deon Grant and FS Antrel Rolle have seemed genius so far. Kenny Phillips and Terrell Thomas both had crucial interceptions in the end zone in the fourth quarter that sealed with a Giant victory. If these guys stay healthy, the Giants will have a strong secondary for the first time since the Jason Sehorn days.

Every part of the offense looked a little shaky. Eli threw a couple of bad passes and the wide receivers caused some turnovers, but the two major concerns I have with this team are the running game and the offensive line. In order to have a dominant running game, the Giants need Brandon Jacobs to be the 2007 Brandon Jacobs. He still looks like he’s trying to avoid contact. In 2007, he initiated contact and ran over linebackers and safeties like it was his job. He’s seemed to have lost that tough edge. Maybe he’s still upset for being second on the depth chart. Who knows? In order for the GMen to play to their best potential, Jacobs needs to be the thunder in the Giants backfield.

Given the fact the starting offensive line have been banged up all preseason, we knew there could be some communication problems Week 1. There were bad holding calls and missed blocks all game. When TE Kevin Boss left the game early in the 1st quarter, the O-Line looked overwhelmed. 2nd string TE Travis Beckum showed us that he can’t block anyone. If these guys stay healthy, there shouldn’t be any problems with this offensive line. The more reps these guys get playing with together, the better this offensive line will be.

So overall, I am very optimistic about this team, if they remain healthy. The first string showed us they can play with any team in this league. I am concerned about the depth of the GMen, so let’s pray that our starters don’t breakdown like they did last season. Get ready for the Manning battle next Sunday at 8:20pm on NBC. Will be interesting to see how the Colts will bounce back after an embarrassing loss to Houston.

2 Responses to “It Was Ugly, But It’s Still A Win”

  1. Steven Brooks Says:

    The Giants suck. You said the secondary was impressive…well I could look impressive against the Panthers. Matt Moore wouldn’t even play on Hellen Keller’s team, so he had no right playing in the NFL. You were lucky that the Giants won and after next week when Peyton kicks their ass, you won’t be so confident.

  2. SB is the man bro! J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets that is a real defense. The Giants D stopped the panthers wow and the panthers would have won if matt moore hadnt thrown so many interceptions/incomplete passes in and around the endzone!

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