Revis Is Back…Jets Already Crown Themselves Super Bowl Champions

So can someone explain to me why everybody thinks the Jets are going to win the Super Bowl? Why should I be convinced that a 9-7 team last year with an awful quarterback will definitely win the Super Bowl? I guess we should already crown them champs since they’ve proven so much to me. Like I said before, I’m not a Jets hater. But this shit is seriously getting ridiculous. I mean with everyone healthy last year, the Jets were 7-7 headed into Week 16. Then the Jets proceeded to beat two teams that handed them victories. Just because Rex Ryan thinks the Jets are God’s greatest gift to the NFL doesn’t mean they’re winning any Super Bowls. You really think an old/injury prone LT, a suspended Santonio Holmes, and an inconsistent Antonio Cromartie are the answers for this 9-7 squad? Don’t think so. So Jets fans, let me hit you with some truth- Pats are winning the division. You’re might make the playoffs, but you will lose early. I’m going to say the Jets are the 4th best AFC team behind Indianapolis, New England, and Baltimore.

Even though I love Rex Ryan, he’s put a big ass target on the Jets back coming into this season – not something you want to do in this league. Why have the Patriots been so successful? Because Belichick and his players have kept their mouths’ shut. Teams that like to talk have a history of not winning. Look at Terrell Owens, for example. He talks shit and doesn’t win. Not unless you’re as good as the Cowboys in the mid-90’s, you don’t talk shit in this league. So Jet’s fans, for your own good, stop making Super Bowl predictions. It just never works.

One Response to “Revis Is Back…Jets Already Crown Themselves Super Bowl Champions”

  1. Rex is king. This week will be interesting when the king faces his old team.

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