I Have to Be Honest, I Love Rex Ryan

Last season, I wasn’t a big fan of Big Rex. Don’t get me wrong- I am not a Jets hater. Last January, I was rooting for them to stay hot through the playoffs. But I thought Rex was a little too outgoing for an NFL coach. I respected his brutal honesty during press conferences, but I thought it was stupid to put a huge target on your back by becoming the Muhammed Ali of the NFL. Now I still think Rex is a moron for continuing to hype up the Jets’ 2010 season, but I gotta admit, he’s fuck’n hilarious. Watching Hard Knocks this month has made me love this guy. I can see why his players would die for him. He talks like he’s in the huddle. He understands how to win ballgames. He finds ways to get the best out of his players. Even with something as serious as the Derrell Revis holdout, he’s able to have a distraction-free training camp. Now even though I am admitting I’m a Rex Ryan fan, this doesn’t mean I respect his father. Buddy Ryan can go fuck himself. Any coach who puts bounties on opposing players can go to hell in my book, especially if it’s against the G-Men (Joe Morris).

Nonetheless, I am a true Rex Ryan fan. Doesn’t mean I would take Rex over my boy Coughlin or any other member of the Big Blue coach staff, but I respect the hell out of the big guy.

Stay classy Buddy Ryan:

One Response to “I Have to Be Honest, I Love Rex Ryan”

  1. Steven Brooks Says:

    The Giants are the JV team of New York this year

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