I have to be honest, I think the Rays are a better team than the Yanks

And I’m not saying this because the Rays are on fire right now and the Yanks are fuck’n awful. When you compare the two teams on paper, the Yankees obviously have a better squad. But the Rays have had that spark all season. They’re young, talented, and definitely not afraid of any team in this league. They have a solid young pitching staff with Shields, Price, and Garza. With Upton, Crawford and Longoria as 1,2, and 3 in the lineup, this team is deadly. Now of course I believe the Yankees are great this season. CC should win 20 games, Cano is having a career year, and the team looks to be headed for another 95+ win season. I’m just saying that it’s definitely not a shoo-in to pick the Yanks in the World Series this season. Balfour, Choate (yes, Randy Choate) and Soriano is a solid bullpen and I’d take any of those guys over Joba, Gaudin, and Kerry Wood any day. So am I upset that the Yanks are now 2nd place in the AL East? Hell yes. Does it surprise me that the Rays took over the best record in baseball? Absolutely not.

Gotta admit, Tampa Bay has definitely come a long way since their inaugural ’98 season:

One Response to “I have to be honest, I think the Rays are a better team than the Yanks”

  1. I agree, the Yanks are terrible. The rays are definitely a team to watch but the team everyone is afraid of is the Bravos.

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