Ha! Well DeSean Jackson is Fucked!!!

BETHLEHEM, Pa. — Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has been carted off the field with a back injury during an afternoon practice at training camp. The Eagles’ leading receiver caught a pass Saturday and stumbled to the ground, then needed help to the sidelines. Moments later, a cart came and took him to the workout facility. Team officials said Jackson is still being evaluated by the medical staff.

Not good news for the Eagles. Yea I know everyone has been saying that the injury is that serious. But the Eagles are practicing as we speak and Jackson is not on the field. When DeSean performed his douchebag dance moves in endzones last season, I knew that if he ever lost a step, he would be absolutely fucked. Let’s face it- DeSean tore up every defensive back in the NFL with the exception of Terrence Newman. If his back is hurting come early September and isn’t able to move the same as well as he did in ’09, he will get demolished. I can see it now – Jackson catching a pass in the middle of the field, then all of a sudden Aaron Ross hits him below the knee. Done. Finished. That’s what happens when you trash talk and you’re a wide receiver. The minute you lose a step, you get killed. Look at Irvin back in ’98 at the Vet. The dude got a little old and couldn’t run like he used to. Next thing you know, he’s on a stretcher. Game over. That’s why guys like Amani Toomer, Chris Carter, and Jerry Rice lasted for such a long time. They kept their mouths’ shut and did their job.  Sadly, DeSean doesn’t play by those rules. Therefore, he is fucked. It’s really too bad given the fact he’s such a classy dude. Just check out how humble the guy is. What a true role model:

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  1. […] did I say two months ago? For those who don’t remember, check out the Desean Jackson article from August. The possession before this hit, Jackson scored and once again celebrated in the end zone like a […]

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